Island Dollars Noticias

Payments sent today - agosto 19, 2006
All payments for pay period ending 8/15/06 sent today.
New Joon Mali FHGs/ MPGs - agosto 14, 2006
Available now are (2) fresh FHGs and MPGs for Episodes "Island Girl" and "No Nude" are ready inside Ad Tools, both with complete descriptions.
Terms & Conditions update - agosto 10, 2006
Terms and condition updated to reflect $25 minimum Epassporte payout for all affiliates.
Payments sent out today - agosto 5, 2006
Epassporte and check payments for the pay period ending 7/31 sent out today.
New JoonMali promos and Xbox360 winner - agosto 2, 2006
Added today are MPGs for episodes "Love Shack" and "Rug Burn" with descriptions. Content zips for "No Nude" and "Island Girl" are available for immediate download, complete with photos and video.... Continuar...
Fresh MPGs for - julio 27, 2006
Two fresh MPGs for add with descriptions. Eposides "Shiny Buns" and "Just Chillin".
New FHGS for - julio 26, 2006
Added today for are two fresh new FHGs, "Shiny Buns" and "Just Chillin" both with full descriptions.
Joon Mali zipped content added - julio 18, 2006
New content zips for "Shiny Buns" and "Just Chillin" episodes added to the Ad Tools section today. Both zips include Video and Photo content. Epassporte payments and checks for the pay period... Continuar...
New hosted promo FHGs and MPGs available - julio 11, 2006
FHGs and MPGs for 'Bad Schoolgirl' and 'About Time' episodes are available in the Ad Tools section with full descriptions. Also a reminder we're close to the mid month point four our XBox360... Continuar...
New promo content for - julio 4, 2006
New promo content is available in the ad tools section: Content zips "bad schoolgirl" and "about time." Also new are FHGs for "sneaking around" and "orange dream." All are available with full... Continuar...