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Paxum USA Personal Accounts Closed Январь 13, 2018
Dear Affiliates,

Paxum has issued notice that they will be shutting down all US Personal accounts by Friday at 10am EST. Below is the statement that was posted on Xbiz as well as a list to the thread. If you currently receive payment via to one of these accounts, we strongly urge you to change your payment method in your account immediately.

If you do not wish to be paid by Paxum for December 2017 payouts, please contact marty@islanddollars.com by Monday, January 29th. We will be sending Paxum for December 2017 like normal if you do not contact us prior to Feb 1st.

If your account happens to be closed for whatever reason and the payment bounces, we will be contacting you to get a new payment method like we normally do. We have no way of knowing if your Paxum account is one that is affected, so we urge you to contact Paxum directly with any and all questions that you might have.

Kind Regards,

Island Dollars